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Eastern Star Software, Guwahati

Thanks for your interest in donating to ESS!

You may make an instant, convenient donation of US $ 3 (yes, just three USD only, per step) to us (by using credit-card etc.) via PayPal. To do so, click at the Make a Donation payment-button here:   

Is US $ 3 too small an amount for you to offer us? If so, you may similarly donate US $ 7 to us
via PayPal, by clicking at the PayPal DONATE payment-button here:   

You may (if you wish), of course, donate any amount to us via bank draft (i.e., banker's cheque), made in favor of M/S Eastern Star Software, Guwahati and payable in Guwahati, India. Please address the payment paper (draft etc.) to our following postal address only: Eastern Star Software, House No.100 ("Surjyamukhi"), Gandhi Mandap Road, South Sarania, Guwahati-781007, Assam, India.

Primary Web-Page: www.essg.50megs.com