SB: For anyone having a volume of tedious text to type, Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (abbreviated also as simply Shabda-Brahma), the auto-suggesting auto-typing intelligent text-processor will be of great use for typing in the fundamental, skeletal text material into the computer. Whenever the user types the first few (two or more) letters of a long word or a familiar phrase/ clause, Shabda-Brahma tries to guess the intended word/ phrase etc. in a novel, intelligent way and displays that auto-suggestion on the screen. In case of correct guessing, the user need to just press the Insert key (on the keyboard) to get that auto-typed (otherwise, Ctrl+Insert may be pressed to choose the exactly desired one). The auto-suggestions are automatically learnt from the user's written texts only. In addition, one may also use one's own pre-defined 3-Key Abbreviations (e.g. F2Aw, F4qa etc., each of which starts with a function key) to auto-type definite words or phrases etc. SB can even type in Assamese, Bengali and Hindi etc. in addition to English, in a similarly fast manner. Furthermore, all these activities could be done in at most 20 different ways, by defining up to 20 user-entities with different personalities such as basic, poet, essayist etc. Shabda-Brahma isn't, however, meant for printing or for producing the final text with fine formatting features such as bold, italic, differently sized fonts etc., and so it must refer the printing or any fine formatting work to other popular word-processors e.g., Microsoft Word, WordPad, FrontPage etc.. SB is able to refer its text-output to such other word-processors extremely easily, with just a single mouse-click. Help-manual on the web: MRP: Rs. 750/=


AO: Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO) is developed with an intention of leading its users to organized lifestyles as well as work-culture. It takes care of the periodic and non-periodic activities to be performed by its user or users (up to a maximum of 20 users), as if like a guardian in their lives – it not only reminds, but keeps track of whether the activities were actually done or not, and again reminds till they're left undone. As if like a human guardian, there'll be one or two fixed daily meeting time for the Abhibhavak to get automatically opened in a computer kept turned on during that time, when it'll instruct (with due password-protected secrecy) its wards (users) about what to perform on that day or on the following day, or during the following week. The users will be able to be properly reminded (as desired by them) about paying their life insurance premiums, collecting their telephone bills, regularly accessing their e-mail addresses, filing the income-tax returns, attending marriages and so on. In addition to keep reminding such things as if like a guardian, Abhibhavak can let its users maintain herein a huge address book that gets automatically sorted as if appearing in a dictionary, and also lets them write daily diary for decades that may be instantly searched for specific entries. Help-manual on web: MRP: Rs. 500/=


Urgent Notes for Prospective Buyers: (i) There is only ONE re-installation warranty in case of any hard-disk failure. So, install SB or AO only in sound hard disks, and only if no hard disk re-formatting is being planned in the near future. No extra liability is taken by ESS also towards any accidental deletion or un-installation of any of these software packages in the user's computer, even on the same day of installation. (ii) First let the IE (Installation Expert from ESS) install the demo form of SB or AO, and be fully satisfied that it works properly in your computer. (iii) If you're going to use any Indian language in SB, next get the appropriate true type fonts installed in your PC, and check whether they properly works within the demo form of SB. If you're installing AO, next get the Task Scheduler tuned to run AO at a fixed time (say, 9 pm) everyday, and also check whether your computer clock is working fine, i.e., showing the correct date and time. (iv) Only after the steps (ii) & (iii) are successfully over, agree to the license agreement, and go for the authentication process that would destroy (use up) the costly Key Floppy Diskette (Key-FD). In case the Key FD has been used up, you'll have to pay the MRP. (v) Collect the used-up Key FD (along with two free copies of this printed bulletin) from the IE, learn to use it for backup purpose, and preserve it. Thus becoming an Old Customer (OC), you may collect from the Liaison Office your money receipt on any following day, and at ANY time in the future may also collect (upon display of this Key-FD) only one more free Key-FD (of the same SB/ AO type, to be called the Warranty Key-FD) against a hard-disk failure. As an OC, you may also buy new, unused Key FDs (of SB & AO) at Rs. 200/- less (per piece) from the Liaison Office, and do the independent business of installing SB & AO in other customer’s home/office computer by contacting your IE (on paying him/ her Rs. 80/- per installation).


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