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Want to buy SB ($ 20) via PayPal?

Eastern Star Software, Guwahati
Buying the Registered Variety of SB v5.x

Are you satisfied and conversant with the free 33-line (unregistered) variety of Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB) v5.9 (or a higher version of SB) available over the internet? Do you notice that you are being sadly barred from accessing the full capabilities of this powerful text-processor due to the 33-line & similar other limitations in the unregistered variety? Do you feel that payment of US $ 20 (Indian Rs. 750 for Indian residents) by you would be justified for removing these restrictions in SB?

If your answer to these three questions is 'yes' (we hope for a resounding YES from you), then you should proceed to buy the registered variety of SB. In that case, please note the following: 

1. 'Buying' SB, at present, means (i) receiving (against the advance payment of the appropriate price) the SB authenticator key floppy diskette (SB-KFD) via post, and (ii) using this SB-KFD to authenticate your unregistered copy of SB. Please note that you must have a working 1.44 MB (3.5 inch-size) floppy drive in the same computer for the step (ii) to be meaningful. Upon receipt of the SB-KFD, you should first check whether the diskette you received is still a workable SB-KFD, by using the tiny program kept within the Check SB-KFD subfolder within the working folder of SB (say, C:/SB5th). If the SB-KFD is found OK thereby, may run SB to proceed for authentication (refer to geocities.com/riturajkalita/Inst_tips.htm to learn in details about the procedure of authentication).

2. The price is USD (US $) 20 in general, and in the specific case of residents of India, Nepal, Bhutan or Bangladesh, it is Indian Rupees 750. The payment may be made (i) using a credit/debit card etc. via Paypal (possible in case of the USD payments) or (ii) via a bank draft (i.e., banker's cheque) for US $ 20 or for Indian Rs. 750 (towards per copy of SB installed, as is the case), made in favor of M/S Eastern Star Software, Guwahati and payable in Guwahati, India. In the second case, please address the payment paper (draft etc.) to our following postal address only: Eastern Star Software, House No.100 ("Surjyamukhi"), Gandhi Mandap Road, South Sarania, Guwahati-781007, Assam, India. (Please note that the Indian rupee price is valid only for the customer postal addresses in India, Nepal, Bhutan or Bangladesh, irrespective of the customer's country of citizenship.)

For instant payment of US $ 20 to us via PayPal, click at the Buy Now payment button here:   

3. Please do send your complete postal address with the above-mentioned payment, so that we would know exactly where to send your SB-KFD(s). Also, please do intimate to us your e-mail address (and also about the date of your sending the payment) either via the feedback form at the bottom of the page geocities.com/riturajkalita/shabda.htm or via a direct e-mail to webmaster@essg.50megs.com, so that we may intimate you about our date of sending the SB-KFD(s) in advance.

4. Please have patience to wait for 45-50 days (20-25 days for payments via PayPal) from the date of your posting the payment, to take care of the time required for the two-way international postal movement and for the processing time at ESS. If you are in Guwahati or in its adjoining area, better e-mail or personally contact ESS to let an Installation Expert (IE) from ESS install SB5 at your premises.

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